Backing Up Your SSL

At EBIZID we often receive many support questions about how to Backup a Private Key or Certificate or How do I move the certificate from one server to another new server?.

The answer is very simple in almost 100% of the cases and is one of the most general responses we provide to our customers.


Yes it's that simple!

Most Control Panels or server management systems will provide you with the files to backup which are the private key files and then once you receive the signed certificate from EBIZID you would store these files together on a separate disc, CD/DV or a USB flash drive.

You will want to store them in a safe place and in a location that you will be able to gain access to these in the case you have a catastrophic event.

Because each server type has different ways of providing the private key file to you it is best to obtain the key file during the CSR generation stage, if however you did not have a chance to grab this file at the time of generation you could also SSH into your server and do a "locate" (Depending on your operating system) at the root command prompt and search for ".key" or even "crt" which will give you a general idea the location of where the files can be found.

Alternatively you could always purchase the certificate vault service from EBIZID where we will store your certificate for you and even completely regenerate a new certificate if needed (Based on the same domain name originally ordered)

Moving your Certificate from one server to another?

This is also based on the premise that you had followed the above procedures and backed up your Private Key and Certificate file.

Lets understand one thing, as long as your have backed up both the private key and certificate you can move the pair to any server for as long as the certificate is valid.

The problem is many times backing up is often overlooked. If you overlooked this all is not lost, you still have 3 choices.

  1. Regenerate a new CSR on your new server and use the certificate vault service to have your certificate re-issued
  2. Purchase a new certificate if your expiration date is within 90 days as we will extend your previous certificate and credit you the remaining amount of days left on your certificate
  3. Purchase the certificate vault service for the full length of your original certificate validity period and then have your certificate re-issued.