SSL Order Process

The Order Process

We have updated our system to make the order process very simple, we have outlined the entire process that takes place when your order your certificate with EBIZID.

If you have placed an order for an EBIZID Extended Validation or EV certificate please view the EV SSL Order Process Here

Step 1
Generate your Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
Before placing your order we suggest that you first generate a certificate signing request (CSR) on your server. Click the following link to find out more on generating the CSR or you may need to have your hosting company do this for you. GENERATING THE CSR.

Step 2
Placing the order & Submitting your CSR

1. Choose the certificate type that best fits your needs!
2. Once you choose the certificate continue you the order process and once you arrive on the order form you will see a location for Server "Type" "CSR" and "Fully Qualified Domain" or (FQD) Enter your CSR from your server in the CSR field and continue. (You can shoose to add additional items to your cart if needed)
In order for us to generate and sign your SSL Certificate we must receive the CSR from you If you did not provide the CSR in the order form when you placed your order you  will need to login to the client administration system and submit a support request.  Please follow the instructions in the support desk for submitting your CSR.

We need the fully qualified domain name so if your order is for a wild card certificate you would enter *.your domain .com if your order is for any of our other certificates you should enter the fully qualified domain name such as www.your or without the www. Remember you can order your certificate for so you will want to insure that you are placing the order for the correct host name. some companies use or

Step 3
Payment Confirmation

Once you have placed the order you will be taken into your account where you can make payment via credit card or paypal.

Step 4
Order Validation

After you complete your order and before we issue any certificates EBIZID validates every single certificate order. Depending on the type of certificate you purchased we offer different levels of validation If the certificate ordered requires full validation we will need to collect a few documents before we can issue your certificate.

Please see the following pages and documents for more instructions.


Please send faxes to 313-915-0032

Do I need to be validated again if this is a renewal order? Becuase of the level of validation for the different certificates we do require any certificate that carries a full validation to be re-validated every year.

We understand this can be frustraiting for our current customers however we can only continue to provide the level of service and confidence from the internet community if we hold a higher standard than other providers

Step 3.
Receive & Install SSL Certificate
Once we have completed the validation process, you will receive an email with your certificate attached, you may also login to the client administration center and download your certificate. Once you have your certificates click on the link below to find detailed information on installing your EBIZID SSL Certificate.
Installing your Certificate

Install E-ID Trust Identity Logo
If you have ordered our dynamic E-ID with your certificate you can follow the link below the page that will instruct you on how to implement the E-ID on your web site.
Get dynamic E-ID code

Free ssl protected logo
Get a free ssl protected logo graphics here