SSL Renewal Guide

Renewal Orders are purchased in the same way that new orders are purchased, We have only simplified the process for you and will show you the basic process for renewing your certificate. Note** It is important to understand that every year that you renew your certificate you "MUST" generate a new CSR on your server and submit this with your order regardless of your server type, there is no way to extend the date on an SSL Certificate no matter which provider you use.


Purchase Button
1. To renew your certificate hover over the "New Purchases & Renewals" Link at the top right side of the "Client Administration Area", In the drop down select Renew Your SSL to be taken to the order page and begin your order.
Choose Product

2. On the left side of this page you will see the product category list, To renew an SSL Certificate choose the 256 bit SSL Certificate option, this will provide you with a list of all 256/128 bit SSL Certificates as displayed in step 3.


3. Next Click the add to cart button for the certificate you wish to renew

Add to Cart

4. Once you have added the new or renewed certificate to your cart, you will see the items in the cart, you can add additional items or proceed to the check out pages to complete your order.

1. Check the Duration of the Certificate
2. Purchase Reminders
3. Check Out and proceed with purchase or click continue shopping to purchase additional products
(Only 1 SSL Certificate can be purchased per session)

Cart Page

5. Verify that your order is correct and Enter your CSR and Server Type and the Fully Qualified Domain Name for this certificate order, when finished click "PLACE ORDER"

*Note* It is important that the fully qualified domain name be the exact domain name that you generated your CSR for on your server or the validation process will fail


Verify order

6. You will immediately be taken to the main Invoice screen, from here you will click the "View" Link or you can click on the Invoice number on the left.
You should first be sure that we have an updated credit card on file before you continue however if you credit card has expired you will have the ability to update your card from the invoice screen.

If you fail to follow through with this step your order will be pending and your certificate will not be issued until payment is complete.

You can return back to the unpaid invoice screen at anytime by clicking on the "View My Invoices Button at the top of the page to complete your payment.

On the next page click the Pay Invoice Button at the bottom the the Invoice


Make Payment 1


View Invoice



7. To process your payment you will choose the "Pay Using Credit Card" payment method and click "Process Next Step"

The "Pay Using My Credit" option is only / available when you have a credit balance on your account or for our Resellers


Payment step 1

8. If your credit card is on file within our system and is valid you will only be required to enter the CVV2 number to complete the payment portion of your order, Enter your CVV2 number and click "Make Payment" to complete your order


Make Payment 2
Once we have received your order it will be entered into our verification process, if this is a new domain which is not yet in our system you will need to provide a new Domain Ownership Form (Which can be downloaded from within the file download section in the client administration system. Once we have approved your order you will receive an email with the certificate attached, you will also be able to download your certificate from the products page of the administration system.