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   Telephone Phone Support - Is based on priority and issue, we will placed the call to the customer if the issue is warrented

Placing your order with EBIZID
Information on how to place your order can be found Here

Generating your CSR:
Information on how to generate your CSR can be found Here

Submitting your CSR:
Information on how to submit your CSR can be found Here

Installing your certificate:
Information on how to install your ssl certificate can be found Here

Billing Information:
With the online billing information you can view your orders and expiration dates of your certificates as well as view and pay your invoices online, within the billing system you can also use the printer friendly view of your invoices and print them for accounting purposes (TXT and PDF Versions).

The billing system can be accessed Here

Move your Certificate to another server:
Did you have a server crash? Upgrade to a new fancy server? Well it is very easy to move your certificate to another server, you can find more information on moving your certificate at the following page!

Backing Up your Certificate and Private Key:
Information on backing up your certificate and private key can be found Here

Lost your certificate, Server Crash and need a Re-Issue?
If you are within your first 30 days of purchasing your certificate please see the below information on Replacement Re-Issue. If you are beyond your 30 days and need a replacement we offer a Certificate Vault Service which is very Affordable. You can either purchase the vault service during your initial purchase or you can purchase the vault service whenever you need it for a slightly higher cost.

Replacement - Re-Issue Policy:
If you made a mistake in your CSR and notice this after we have issued your certificate, submit a help desk ticket immediately and we will replace your Certificate or amend your current request. Your certificate can be replaced and re-issued for up to 30 days after the date we originally issued your certificate.

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