Merchant Payment Site Seal

Merchant Payment Trust Seal

The dynamic EBIZID Merchant Assurance logo is one of the best ways to show your clients that you are a verified trusted merchant and are part of a trusted community!

The Merchant Payment logo can display the credit cards that you accept on your website and offers your client a means to check the status of your abilities and your efforts to protect your clients credit card infotmation.

When your client clicks on the logo they will see your information on your company and your domain information.Go ahead click on one of the logos above to see what information is displayed.

Merchant Payment Site Seal requires the following to qualify
  • Merchant Account Verification.
  • Business Ownership Verification
Added Benefits

With the merchant payment site seal you have the ability to update your information which is displayed in the logo from within your Client Administration area, you also are provided with the latest statistics of how many times your logo was displayed and how many times the logo was actually clicked on by your clients.


Purchase yearly and save at just $99.95 /year