Basic SSL Certificates

256 Bit Baisc SSL Certificates are designed for encrypting web sites with no e-commerce transactions. Trusted by over 99% of current Internet users, EBIZID Basic SSL is the solution for new websites or environments where trust has been established and entity verification (for identity assurance) is not needed. Baisc SSL Certificates do not carry any warranty and are domain validated only which allows they be be issued within miniutes (Depending on how long it takes the purchaser to validate the domain request)

Validation Level

Basic Security
  • 1024 bit Domain validated SSL Certificate
  • Almost Instant SSL certificate issuance 24/7
  • Discounts for Multi-year - 1 to 5 years
  • Automatic validation - Domain Validated
  • 99% Browser Recognition

The Baisc SSL carries a validation level class of 1 which means that the level of validation for this type of certificate is very low and should not be used for conveying trust nor should a visitor of a site rely on this type of certificate for ecommerce purposes, this validation level should only be used for the following types of applications:

  • User Interfaces
  • Server login pages
  • Intranets
  • Routers and Gateways

Your browser ubiquity is a key element when choosing an SSL provider. EBIZID Baisc SSL is trusted by over 99% of the current Internet browsers. Baisc SSL is equivalent to more expensive Certificates from other leading certificate providers.

Root CA Providers

Baisc SSL provides the following support:

  • Online Support documentation only

Telephone support and per incident support tickets can be purchased for an additional fee. Per Incident Support Fee $39.99

Level 1 Support

Re-issues are not included with the Basic SSL Line

Certificate re-issues are available with our certificate vault service

Certificate Vault service Have your certificates re-issued $19.99 per Validity Year.

1 Year Baisc SSL Price: $59.99 /year

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